Multimedia artist Emile Sickamore explores the dichotomy between individual and society consciousness, questioning issues of individual freedom and cultural identity, inspired by philosophy and humanism. Associative Art, assimilate into the ultimate produced Artwork. However a work of art can be exhibited repeatedly during its time of existence. It could be exposed in many different contexts and read against shifting political, social and art- historical backgrounds in which it is find. It is affected by surrounding circumstances. These circumstances are constantly in motion. The external aspect of the work of art exists unaltered but the identity is not.

technology and technique

The installations and videos contain a combination of sound, text and 3D animations using modern methods of media production such as projections, compositing and looping. He uses slow-motion techniques to invite a meditative and contemplative response to increase the awareness of detail, movement or change.

Audio used within the installations compliments the ultimate composition of the images, ensuring precisely synchronized visual elements, which gives each work its own identity. These options for technical creation and presentation that hark back to past practitioners like pop artist Andy Warhol