The video installation/concert ‘context‘ (2000) first presented at the Grand Theatre in Groningen (2001), as ‘context 2‘ also at the Grand Theatre in Groningen (2002). And as video during the exhibition Innersight/Outside at Kunsthal Hof 88 in Almelo (2001) is a project that unites digital animations, videos and electronic music. Several Artists collaborate in this project improvising on sampled image and sound files.

Hopi symbol for Man in the Maze

The narrative of this work is inspired by the grounding history of the Hopi Indian community (USA). Context is a journey towards a maze in the cosmos. Within this maze doors give entrance to different worlds. These worlds are imaged as metaphors for birth, transformation, identity, exploration, growth and self-reflection. Within ‘Context‘, the animated images vary colors, shapes and rhythms. The animations are arrayed into diverse color shades and color objects, projected on five screens supported by improvised music.

Context 2 was ‘live streamed broadcasted‘ op  HYPERLINK “” (2001)


The installation ‘identities‘(2002), part of the art project ID1: 14 November till 28 November 2002, ID2: 06 December till 22 December 2002, ID3: 09 January till 23 January 2003 presented at Kunstondernening Oosterkade in Groningen could be read as an allegory addressing the question of identity. It was the first of series in which artists participate and react to the produced work of their predecessors.


The installation ‘het noumenon is geen onbekende‘, part of the exhibition Innersight/Outside at Kunsthal Hof 88 in Almelo (2001), refers of objects or events being thought of, or being the subject of a deed of thinking independently of the senses. (Within the Kantian philosophy, the unknowable noumenon is often linked to the unknowable “thing-in-itself). The noumenon is a posited object or event that exists without sense or perception. This work refers to question how people experience their ecological environment on a rational base.

food influence mind

The video installation/concert ‘food influence mind‘ (2002), a digital menu with 7 sounds, musicians and tastes, presented at Prinsen Theatre in Groningen. The main core theme of this project is food. Seven musicians improvising live on sampled image and sound files. Images were projected on two screens.


The project/concert ‘berlin synchronized‘ (2019); The production Berlin [Synchronized], first part of a triptych, is an adaptation of one of Lou Reed’s most discussed artistic creations both as a musician and lyricist of the concept album Berlin. The album Berlin, one of the most influential albums in the history of pop music, is Lou Reed’s most ambitious artistic production. With Berlin he was able to realize his literary and artistic ambitions. Reed completed the album in 1973. After thirty-three years, in December 2006 he performed the work live for the first time during a number of performances in Europe and New York. Of the five concerts in New York with, among others, guitarist Steve Hunter and vocalist Anthony, Lou Reed, Berlin Live at St.Ann’s-Warehouse was released in 2008. The original from 1973, originally intended as a theatre performance, was never performed due to financial problems. Berlin was, according to Reed, the first album in which he was able to realize his literary and artistic ambitions. Reed has always considered himself a writer who, to his regret, did not receive the appreciation he himself felt he deserved.

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