The video installation ‘inmates‘ (1998), nominated for the culture prize of the city of Groningen, Hendrik de Vries stipendium. Inspired by the website ‘Au Revoir Les Inmates in which statements by prisoners on death row at Huntsville prison in Texas were published. In interacting with this work, the visitor became an implicit witness confronted by the death penalty. Andy Warhol used this topic earlier by his work ‘Lavender Disaster from 1963. The reactions of the visitors were directly record and exposed on HD TV‘s and projected on a screen. 

Technology and technique: 1 container, 1 limelight, chair, censor, 2 HD TV‘s, 2 video cameras, 1 projection screen, beamer, 1 laptop, audio speakers

The video installation ‘inmates II‘ (1998) shows footage, taken from the recorded videotapes during the inmates show. 

Technology and technique: 2 projection screens, 2 beamers and 2 DVD players


The video projection ‘movement‘ (2002) shows footage of a man who is lost. Technology and technique: 1 beamer and 1 DVD players or 1 HD TV


The video installation ‘still/moving‘ (2002), first presented at the Centre of Fine Art (CBK) in Groningen, shows an installation in which images are projected of a walk. This work, inspired by quotes from German Philosopher A. Schopenhauer: ‘Al dissolves in the flow of time. Minutes the innumerable atoms of trifles. Wherein every action falls to pieces are the worms that gnaws at greatness and courageous to destroy it‘.

Technology and technique: 2 HD TV‘s, 2 projection screens, 2 beamers and 2 DVD players, audio speakers